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Free energy revolution is immanent (Finally)

After all these years of suppression, I think the free energy revolution ( and complete disruption of the petroleum industry and energy utilities) is immanent.
Andrea Rossi's ECATs and HOTCATs seem to be pretty close to market already, he plans to sell millions of 10kW domestic units in a couple of years
Shaun McCarthy of STEORN  says it's going to be a "good year" with his ORBO technology after long and frustrating delays ).  He gave a glimpse of his "Never Die" battery on Facebook, and also a self running motor.
There are a dozen other technologies out there too, most  are probably bogus but it only takes one!

Hoyt Stearns 
Scottadale, Arizona US

0 Comments  » Posted by HoytStearns1 on 1/26/2015 5:23 AM

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