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electric tour bus

continue the trend - the capstone turbine has been in production for several years for use on commercial transit bus (See Designline USA). engine bay is so clean you can set a sandwich there - drive hundreds of miles, open the door and eat it! no belts, hoses, oils, etc. The generator can sit in your hand..(turbine runs at 96,000 rpm). This is a wonderful powertrain, clean and efficient - would be great for a tour bus / RV! never really gave it too much thought in a classic old ride - as much as i believe in this, i just dont see it in my 70 chevelle convertible!
Regardless - next time your behind an old stinking smoke billowing bus you may want you muncipal funds to consider a claen Designline bus...(and no, i dont work there..)
0 Comments  » Posted by Bob on 3/15/2011 12:30 PM

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