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    I will use my truck to test out a theory for a boat. We will mount a Plastic 2 Fuel converter machine to my LincVolted F-250 pickup and do an American road trip to talk about the advent of new technology for transport and waste management.
    Kind like the back to the future car that ran on garbage.
    Once we have the details worked out we will mount the system on our boat and go out to clean up plastic waste on the oceans using our high tech process.
    Everybody wins!

    0 Comments »  Posted by Homer on 6/27/2011 11:31 PM
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    we would LOVE to get INVOLVED with your musical activism.
    here is our music video on GMO's:


    0 Comments »  Posted by MYSTICDUB1 on 10/1/2016 11:32 AM
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    After all these years of suppression, I think the free energy revolution ( and complete disruption of the petroleum industry and energy utilities) is immanent.
    Andrea Rossi's ECATs and HOTCATs seem to be pretty close to market already, he plans to sell millions of 10kW domestic units in a couple of years
    Shaun McCarthy of STEORN  says it's going to be a "good year" with his ORBO technology after long and frustrating delays ).  He gave a glimpse of his "Never Die" battery on Facebook, and also a self running motor.
    There are a dozen other technologies out there too, most  are probably bogus but it only takes one!

    Hoyt Stearns 
    Scottadale, Arizona US

    0 Comments »  Posted by HoytStearns1 on 1/26/2015 5:23 AM
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    Does anyone know if the LincVolt has a J1772 port?

    I would also love to know if Neil has have charged up the LincVolt at a Sun Country HIghway charging station. Anyone have pics?

    Sun Country Highway (SCH) is an official product supplier for the David Suzuki Foundation Blue Dot Tour which Mr Young is participating in.

    SCH is supplying an extended range electric van from Via Motors and the EV charging stations  across. Canada.
    0 Comments »  Posted by StephenBieda1 on 9/1/2014 8:21 PM
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    I am currently building a rotary thermal motor prototype for a hybrid car. In a sealed cylinder what looks like a rotary vane pump operates as a simple heat engine and the torque is leveraged by the condensation and boiling of water. The compression ratio is set to allow the wet saturated vapor and any remaining steam to easily transfer back to the starting point. Heat stored in a thermal battery or directly from an engine is used to power the unit. Then because it is also a heat exchanger multiple units could be installed in series and parallel. With any luck the mileage will more than double.
    0 Comments »  Posted by TerryVanInsberghe1 on 8/1/2014 3:01 PM
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    For all who seek treasure trove of information and history, past and present, of renewable energy sources and applications, go to and be AMAZED! This man has spent decades of his life researching and attempting to promote the reality and use of alternative energy sources that would affect all aspects of our life globally. A must for Mr. Young's organization to be aquainted with if they aren't already.
    0 Comments »  Posted by ArturoGuerra-Mondragon1 on 7/6/2014 11:15 AM
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    dear neal young, while reading your biography
    fortunately i read and heard about the possibility to construct high efficient electric motors. prof. dr. claus turtur is a german physicist, who teaches at university of wolfenbüttel. he theoretically proofed, that it is possible to construct high efficient motors, who need extrem low energy input. i  am no physicist - only a painter and drummer - but this concept seems to be convincingly. after his statement, there exist over the world some indipendently constructed prototypes, which were certificated by technical eximination tests. claus turturs website gives a lot of theoretical information to his work.
    sincerely yours andy moersener
    sorry for my bad english

    1 Comment »  Posted by AndyMoersener1 on 6/1/2014 4:21 AM
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    It is great what Neil Young are doing with the Linvolt.  However,, we need to deal with overpopulation, sprawl, and othersustainable aspects pllus being a responsbile ethical good steward.  I hope his musick covers are on a post consumer material or business cards the same with his associate.

    Live healthier, green, shop local and buy Americna when you can
    0 Comments »  Posted by WilliamZaffer1 on 5/1/2014 2:40 PM
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    running vehicles by batteries nowadays are welcome by most economic countries both for emission free as well as cost effective.
    i suggest to run all the vehicles from a small cycle to big car and truck should run on mini sized batteries like li-in, li-mhd, and they should be charged by some other fuel mechanism voltage (pulsating dc)generation. so that the vehicle should go for a long distance for an economic amount of fuel. but includes hybrid power that we are going to change once in an year or two. i want to make petrol pumped voltage generator in miniature size to charge the batteries which is used to run cycles, motor bikes, small trucks,car, van may be useful to keep our earth green.
    0 Comments »  Posted by sabari on 9/7/2011 4:52 AM
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    Hello everyone, i'm not a car or electric or mechanic engeneer, so..
    I've been interested in electric cars since a couple of years, i live in italy and the price of gasoline and the density of traffic makes efficient electric cars sexy, but we're italians and we're lazy and like to enjoy things, they have to really sexy, or we won't use/buy them.
    Well, apart from this, i wanted to make some points and share some things about my idea of the next vehicle i'd like (excuse my poor language/grammar)
    I've read a couple of posts here and i bring back two facts: 
    1) Multiple source power generation (from the turbine topic) and 
    2) On board electric power generation via a "fuel generator" (charging car with petrol topic).
    I'm not an engeneer and never did the math, so i might be wrong, but having an electric car going for a long distance (let's say a long journey here, 8h @ 100km/h) just by battery charge is not feasible. That's why they were talking about a network of recharge (or battery swapping) stations dense enough to let that be possible. Would i buy an electric car under this conditions? No. Because i don't believe the charging network density will be safe, i believe i could remain without power in a dark and cold and rainy night in a forest because i took the wrong turn with 1/3 of charge left and then got lost, so i don't feel safe. My car has a full tank range of 900km more or less, that's safe. (By the way, i am considering getting a small citycar(200km range, 80kmh, 2people, sexy, link later in the post) converted into electric, if i just could do the car papers in a reasonable time for the conversion, here in italy it's not really possible :(  )
    But that doesen't mean we have to trash everything. Electric motors for example are good, coz they are cheap, easy to mantain and durable. The problem is where does the electricity come from? How about we don't stress having too many batteries but keep them for a reasonable commuting use and embed then in the car (or truck or van) one or mor electric generators running on .. something.. ? 
    Like gasoline, like hydrogen, like gas, like biodiesel, like frying oil. 
    Have it modular, so we can swap our little gasoline generator with our brand new greener generator when it's gonna be available. 
    ->Why on board energy generation : Batteries just won't last long enough to feel safe, but you can keep replenishing them as you go, if you need (or you can stop at the recharge station if can).
    ->Why more than one electric source: We have seen plenty of electric cars with solar panels on the roof. What if it rains and you need to go. What if it snows and you need to go. I have experience with this problem from a nautical point of view and there the medium long range cruiser has a 220v intake for when it's moored, solar panels for when there's sun, wind generator for when there's wind. What if there's a cloudy rainy no-wind day (and that's when you want power for the reading light and the radio)? Luxury boats have a gasoline el. generator.
    Going back to the point, solar panels aren't enough, but they are something. 220v intake is slow but it's something. Gasoline generator sucks because we're trying to get rid of it but it's something, like a spare tire. Green generator would be better. If you put these all together and make it modular, swappable, replaceable so one can choose the best for his needs, then i think i would buy that.
    I made my points, now let me share with you the car i'd like to own if i had the money and the chance to make it road legal:
    it's light and it has a good aerodynamic
    it's everywhere in italy -> cheap spare parts
    it's small -> perfect for the city
    it's sexy
    Hope i've been on some help, let's keep the revolution going
    0 Comments »  Posted by FrancescoChiot1 on 1/10/2014 9:00 AM
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